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Diversified Consultants, Inc. is a full-service collection agency that can attribute its success to the training and long term retention of its agents. Our consultative approach is why clients engage us; we work collaboratively with clients to help drive agent behaviors that deliver better outcomes. We apply strategic thought, clearly defined objectives and industry leading implementation processes. We believe in a shared vision and in aligning outcomes that are mutually beneficial. Whether it’s trying to improve Net Promoter Scores or Customer Satisfactions, we are committed to delivering lasting solutions that drive success in your customer call center strategy.

In a metrics driven world, where actions are measured instantly, we share our clients vision and work tirelessly to ensure successful interactions. Our approach is rooted in the notion of doing what is right. We believe our efforts reflect this commitment and we endeavor to partner with clients who appreciate our values as an organization. The future is bright and can only be made brighter by adding you and your business to our list of satisfied clients!

At Diversified Consultants, Inc (DCI), we strive to remain ahead of the rest of our industry by using the best of the latest technology available. Using the latest technology allows us to remain legal, moral and ethical while providing the most proficiency for our clients.

Our Programming & Development department is composed of highly experienced veterans of the industry who are able to apply specialized skills to real-world problems.  We believe integrity is the most important ingredient to a successful business relationship. And, we are committed to our client relationships, continuously striving to provide superior value while exceeding expectations. Here at Diversified Consultants Inc innovation is prime.

Domestic, Nearshore, and Offshore Facilities

We are headquartered in Jacksonville, FL with satellite locations in Portland, OR and Louisville, KY.

Proactive Outbound & Inbound Solutions

We specialize in the recovery of bad debt at any level of delinquency.

Full-Service Chat & Email Support

It’s easy to make a payment online with our free service.

Positive Approach

Our approach focuses on customer satisfaction while simultaneously boosting our client’s bottom line.

Our People

By placing emphasis on training and development, we make our people better.


We strive to remain ahead of the industry curve, utilizing the latest technology available. Learn More

3rd Party Collections

Producing Results

Diversified Consultants, Inc. is an accounts receivables management (ARM) business with extensive experience in multi-channel customer support solutions spanning the entire customer lifecycle. Solutions range from front end customer acquisition, traditional voice care, technical support, chat and email support, proactive outbound voice and digital care, and a wide range of custom ARM solutions.

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Pre-Collection Services

The Positive Approach

With readily available technology, high quality training and motivated employees, Diversified Consultants (DCI) possesses the resources to take on any project, regardless of the complexity or size.

By tailoring our training to enhance the abilities of our team members, we are able to meet our client’s requirements and needs and provide the most positive result possible. Diversified Consultants, Incorporated understands and appreciates the trust placed in us by our clients; therefore, we strive to reward that trust with exceptional results, without sacrificing integrity or our client brands.

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Client Access

Transparency and Collaboration

Diversified Consultants, Inc. promotes healthy and compliant consumer, agency, and client relationships. We offer our clients a web based client services product which provides offsite audit capabilities through a secure environment. Our organization strongly promotes and encourages our clients to frequently visit our facilities as a means of verifying the integrity of their work standards, building a strong relationship along the way. We take pride in knowing we are among the best at meeting, or exceeding, all expectations.

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