ACA member agency and its employees donate more than 200 baskets of food.

Participating in a local Knights of Columbus food drive, Diversified Consultants (DCI), an ACA International member agency in Jacksonville, Fla., and its employees filled and donated more than 200 baskets of food weighing more than 850 pounds to help feed the needy.

Half the baskets were delivered the weekend before Thanksgiving, with the second half delivered on Dec. 18. A goal Diversified Consultants was very proud of and happy to contribute.

“I was overwhelmed by the awesome response by our employees,” said Don Zehnder, vice president of Diversified Consultants. “This demonstrates that we work in a very generous industry.”

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Helping the community is a big part of completing the full circle of life. Here at Diversified Consultants we strive to build people and achieve success. In this day and age we cannot overlook the simple things in life like helping others. From the very beginning, DCI has found that the greatest success could be achieved by focusing all of our energy on developing our people.

By placing emphasis on training and encouragement, we make our team better. We focus on the consumer experience while bringing high level results back to our clients.

This focus along with an attention to innovation, client services, quality and compliance, has allowed Diversified Consultants to see substantial growth. Since 2009, Diversified Consultants has nearly quadrupled in size, going from 180 Full Time Employees to a staggering 950+ Full Time Employees.