There is a company that believes being the best isn’t good enough, but being nice is.  Where second place is a failure, but knows that failure is the only way to succeed.  Where the reward for hard work leaves you exhausted but all you remember is the reward.  Where the tough times don’t last, but tough people do and where done of us are as strong as all of us.  That company is Diversified Consultants and I vow to continue cultivating that culture of excitement and success and grow this company into the best ever seen.  I am DCI and DCI is me.

Diversified Consultants, Inc. is a full-service collection agency that can attribute its success to the training and long term retention of its agents. As a company focused on telecom recovery, we are able to target our efforts in order to place ourselves in the best possible position to meet our client’s needs. This focus has given us a definitive edge over our competitors, our strength could be your strength. Borne of a solid business model and coupled with the values of a family owned and operated establishment, Diversified Consultants, Incorporated is uniquely poised to meet your needs. At Diversified Consultants, we choose not to look to the accomplishments of the past but instead look to the opportunities of the future. The future is bright and can only be made brighter by adding you and your business to our list of satisfied clients!