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Coast to Coast Collection Professionals

Diversified Consultants, inc. offers a range of solutions from front-end customer acquisition support, traditional voice care and technical support, chat/email support, proactive outbound voice and digital care, as well as a wide range of custom accounts receivable management solutions. Our service offerings include both first and third party collections.

From the very beginning, Diversified Consultants has found that the greatest success could be achieved by focusing all of our energy on developing our people. By placing emphasis on training and development, we make our people better. We focus on the consumer experience while bringing high level results back to our clients.

This focus along with an attention to innovation, client services, quality and compliance, has allowed Diversified Consultants to see substantial growth. Since 2009, Diversified Consultants has nearly quadrupled in size, going from 180 Full Time Employees to a staggering 950+ Full Time Employees.

Solutions range from:

  • Third-Party accounts receivable management solutions.
  • First-Party customer service/care.
  • Chat and Email support.
  • Proactive outbound/inbound voice and digital solutions.
  • Diversified range of custom, accounts receivable management solutions.

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DCI has nearly quadrupled in size, growing from 180 Full Time Employees to a staggering 900+ Full Time Employees.

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Memberships, Certifications & Awards

We are one of the nation’s leading Telecom collection agency specializing in the recovery of Wireless, Landline, Cable, Satellite and Security debts.

As a result of our focus on our people and our relentless pursuit to produce the best results for our Clients, Diversified Consultants, Inc. has been honored with a number of prestigious awards.