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Diversified Consultants, Inc. is the nation’s ONLY telecom-specific collection agency specializing in the bad debt recovery of Wireless, Landline, Cable, Satellite, and Security arenas. Our unique niche not only allows DCI to effectively resolve customer delinquency and dispute issues, but provides our clients with outstanding industry results.

Our motto: “Legal, Moral and Ethical”

This style of collections has been DCI’s secret blend of success in the ever changing global marketplace of collections and credit risk. Our pro-active and positive method of collecting money not only leaves the customer satisfied, but also boosts our client’s bottom line.

DCI’s customer service approach and client-first mentality has set the stage for one of the nation’s fastest growing agencies. When DCI completes the job, all parties involved walk away with a clear understanding of the situation and a resolution to the problem.

Above and beyond our innovative way of doing business, DCI offers cutting-edge services that maximize our client’s margins by utilizing the latest in security techniques and technology. Our unique approach and dedication to be specialized in one area of recovery has produced results that have left DCI standing alone on the top of the telecom collections world.

Headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida with a satellite office in Tualatin, Oregon leaves no corner of the country un-touched and gives DCI’s clients and customers 24/7 communication ability.

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