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Phil, This is K.J., Here is the scan I finally received it! Thanks for your patience! I appreciate your help settling this! I'm still so upset about the whole situation! Been a very difficult time for me, the best part was meeting you, feel like a good friend so understanding of my situation and helpful, thank you so much, wish all good things for you and your future! Thanks Again K.J.


I was recently contacted by your company regarding a bill of $1,489.32 with Sprint. I spoke with numerous peoples regarding this account until your company gave me all the information that I needed and I realize that I really owe this debt, and this is something that I need to take care of, one of your representatives contacted me on December 9, 2011 by the name of Jennifer, she was very helpful and was willing to help me out with a payment plan, due to the fact I was not able to pay this bill in full at once because of the holidays, I will like to thank your company for making me aware of this bill and giving me the time I need to pay this account off, and I am aware that this account will not be effected on my credit because I was looking forward to purchasing a new home & car next year, so I will like to personally thank your company for all the help that was provided to me, I will also be sending Sprint a letter to advise them of the good customer service that was given to me. Shana M.

Shana M. Daytona Beach, FL

I wanted to take a moment and write a letter to your company informing you of the interaction I had today. I received a letter from your company stating I had a balance due on my old Tmobile account. Since I have just recently returned from a two year job in Germany, there is no way that I had a cell phone with Tmobile! I contacted your company and spoke to Jon P***. Mr. P*** told me to file a police report and to visit your website to fill out the fraud packet. He told me this will not be reported to my credit and that he will make sure this is taken care of for me. I pulled my credit report and see that DCI is not on it, but there are other items there that are not mine. Jon was professional and courteous. He helped me out today by walking me through the paperwork for the fraud report. Please pass my thanks on to him.

Michael J. Boston, MA

Thank you for speaking with me today. The time you spent researching this matter and getting me the information needed made recognition of the invoice easier for our records. I have submitted the pay request to accounts payable. Again, I would appreciate it if in the future the invoice numbers were on the bills in order to ensure that they go to the correct department and avoid collections. I will contact Sprint to make sure that change is made.

Jessica B. San Diego, CA

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