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Incorporating Values

DCI is a full service collection agency that can attribute its tremendous success to the training and long-term retention of telecom front line employees. As a company focused on telecom recovery we have been able to target our training efforts in order to maximize the preparation of our associates to meet your needs. This focus has given us a definitive edge over our competitors. DCI’s strength is your strength. Our focus and determination coupled with the values of a family owned and operated establishment make us uniquely qualified to meet your needs. At DCI we choose not to look to the accomplishments of the past; but instead look to the opportunities of the future. The future is bright and can only be made brighter by adding you and your business to our list of satisfied clients!

Built with Integrity

From its modest beginning in 1992 with a handful of employees in a small office near Jacksonville Beach, DCI has seen substantial growth. DCI headquarters its operations from a state of the art facility in the Deerwood Park area - one of the largest business districts in Jacksonville. In addition DCI has also opened afacility in Tualatin, Oregon. This facility marks DCI's fourth location in the last ten years where the need for progressively larger, more sophisticated facilities has been a direct result of our tremendous success on behalf of our clients. Our offices are home to over 900 collectors and staff as well as the most cutting edge technology that the industry has to offer. DCI has invested heavily in the implementation of collection tools that give our staff the ability to work smarter, faster and much more efficiently.

Our strategy, management and collection tools have allowed DCI to produce results at a much higher level than our competition. At DCI, we have prided ourselves in being THE BEST collection agency for some of the largest telecom companies in the world. This venture, along with the volume increases received for performing to the highest standards on our current portfolio, puts DCI at the pinnacle in the world of telecom receivables.

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